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Alive & Well!!!

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Have a H.E.ARTS


This is a site of Hope!!!

Hope is the secret, by the way!!!

Hey folks, this is Mike.  I won't go into too much detail as to myself in this litle part, just some intro stuff.  The major things can wait until we get inside this site.  Mostly I am an artist, mystic and healer.  I practice the healing art of Reiki as my main play in the field of helping others; sometimes it's for pay, but usually I just give the healings away.  Oh, and as far the other arts go, I enjoy making posters with various media, but writing is my main outlet.
Peace, Mike.

Over here is the little area where things will start to go off in more detail concerning the challenges and triumphs that go along with having a head injury.  I will also put in the things that have helped me over the years and up to the present.  It is my  desire to be a ray of light and hope, for everyone can use that. 
Best wishes for healing, Mike.

Rain Forest
Rain forest
The Rain Forest overcomes adversities, like us

I also chose the Rain Forest for it has many natural properties which, when protected and handled with respect, can provide cures for many conditions.  Medicines are made from plants and minerals, so we need to protect the Rain Forest.  Plant, mineral and animal life exists there that live nowhere else on earth.  When we destroy them, they become extinct.

Having FUN!!!
When something cool comes along that proves a blast, I'll share it with you.  We all can use some ideas on how to get out and enjoy life, and who knows, maybe something that proved a blast for me might do the same for you.  Enjoy yourself!!!

I am fully ignorant on the pic upload/download thing, so if come across something that really strikes me as gorgeous (like a pic of myself LOL), perhaps one of you could let me know your snail mail address and I can mail the pic to you and you can put it on-line for me.  Hey, all the help I can get is appreciated.

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Any insights or advice you can throw my way is advice and insight I would be grateful for.  Cool?  Cool!!!

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