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Alive & Well!!!
My Pets

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

I was adopted by a wonderful cat who I found in a shelter run by the Animal Defense League where I volunteered.  His job, which he does very well, is to make sure not airplanes or martians come into our apartment.  He is mostly white with a multi colored dark tail with darker stripes.  His face has similar colors.  He is my fave of my babies (shh, don't tell the other babies).

I'll let you know of my other pets and their antics later.  I have six altogether.  In this house, being human makes me a minority.

So I like spiders. This one's cute.
When I find a good enough cat pic, I'll use it.


I'll let you know about this one next.  He is sooooo sweet!!!!

My Babies Fill My Heart
Heart on fire
I Love Them All


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