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September 28, 2002
As as I aproach the anniversary of my head injury, feelings of the "what might have been"'s come rolling along.  I am trying to deal with these by talking them out and sharing them with people who understand from experience.  Much of the sharing has been done on the net.  Talking in person with close friends has helped. 
I did have a horrible nightmare just before waking yesterday, and I think it has a lot to do with the anniversary.  I am also left fighting more than usual with issues of self acceptance.  This is just part of the stuff that goes with a brain injury,  Oh well, please pray.
Love ya, Mike.

If you feel life has tossed you a few too many curve balls of late and you'd like a prayer sent your way, let me know and I will put the concern on the boards so we can come to your aid.  I'd have you post it, but I don't know how to arrange the site to do that part yet.  Email me at  and I will pop the prayer request out there for you.
Wishing you peace, Mike.

Brother Wolf Passes To Eternal Life
It is my sadness to pass on the news of Lakota passing from earthly life to eternal life.  He came into this world on May 2, 1991 and exited on May 8,  2002.  He will be laid to rest in late September of 2002 along with two of his pack mates.  The were all from the Sawtooth Pack.  Lakota was the eldest. 
Two days prior to my learning of his passing into eternal Life, I saw three beautiful Black Vultures standing by the road as I drove.  They let me get witihin fifteen feet of them before  one took off in flight.  The Black Vulture represents life, death and rebirth, so I figure the one taking flight represented  Lakota doing likewise.  Black Vulture also represents knowledege of a loved ones death.  It all comes together to me.
I wish you peace, WolfHawk.
(P.S.:  Days later, while meditating in a park, I saw Black Vulture soaring over head.  What a blessing that was!!!)


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