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Alive & Well!!!


September 05, 2002
The past couple of nights have been a blast.  Two nights ago I went to a poetry meet where band played for the first hour.  It is a local band with a strong feel for the Islands.  The only performer was the percussionist, so the experience was unlike any musical performance I have ever been to before.  He had us singing with him in African languages, anceint songs.  He also did some work in English, such as the Marvin Gaye classic, "What's Goin' On?"  One piece in English as well was inspired by the shootings at Cullombine, titled "Save The Children".  The percussionist and i exhcanged cards, as I hope to interview him.  We are both working for love, equality and peace.
A few hours ago I attened a competition of artists in Distrct One of San Antonio.  I drove my friend Sandra out there so she could do her performance of a scene from "Chapter Two" by Niel Simon.  She was great, taking first runner up!!!  I am very proud of her!!!  The performance was out of doors in a theartre on the River Walk.  We had a blast!!!  She was at the performance by the band listed above as well.
That will do things for now as I am quite tired.
Best wishes, Mike.

September 28, 2002
Today I will be going to an arts festival where some of my friends will be performing and have their art work on display.  This is an all day affair and it is completely free.  Never let a disablility tell you that fun is out of reach!!!  Demand to ENJOY LIFE.
I will let you know how the day goes, but I am sure it will be great!!!
With the update,. I am happy to say the event was a true joy, a great gathering of friends and a number of new friends made.  One such person is going to trade the healing sessions I will give for guitar lessons he will give me.  Super Cool.  A piece of art that I displayed I also had appraised at $500.  I already say the beauty in the work, but would never have guessed one of my works would be worth that much!!!  I am very happy at the suggested price.
One of my friends, Linda who had putting the show together, exchanged energies with me.  The passing between us was a real rush!!!
In short, the day was great!!!


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