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This is a little online magazine, an E-Zine, one of many such on the net.  The theme in this one is recovery in all it's arena's.  Feel free to celebrate this with the world, but especially with yourself.  Real recovery takes place there, even though we sometimes need help.  If  you can get it, go for it, for you deserve the best life possible!!!  If you can offer help, do so, and you will probably get more in return.  Life is cool that way!!!  Keep in mind, we all have something important to offer.

H.ealing E.nergies & A R T (H.E.ART) is a work in progress, much like myself and I trust, you.  I hope not to complete the expanse of my life until the last moment spent breathing on this planet, Earth.  Once done here, I hope to contine to grow as a resident of Heaven.  Here's hoping we can grow together in our individual and unique adventures.  Again, welcome to this little exercise on-line.
Best wishes always, Mike.

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Like The Universe, We Need Not Limit Our Horizons

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September 2002
Welcome, everyone.  This is a little e-zine in the world of the web for folks with disabilities to come and express themselves, their issues and how they go about meeting them.  I have learned that to get something included, it must be emailed to me first.  I regret the extra complication, but that's how Tripod works.   I will gladly include what is sent, so long as it is not attacking anyone or offensive.  You know, just keep clean and kind.
I do feel a need to offer caution in printing anything like poetry or songs you have created.  If you do not have a copyright with such, others may take advantage of your placing your art on the net and claim it as theirs.  I post this warning for I have seen such with some dear friends of mine.  The manager of this E-Zine cannnot be held responsible for any thefts.  I have had things stolen and it hurts.  I pass this on to you out of respect.
Now, with the downer out of the way, let's have some fun and help each other.
Best wishes, Mike.

Hey, cats and cool ones, I will try to use this section to pop in some places where you can find info on what is out there in the Cyber Realm. Maybe an answer to a difficulty could be just a download away.
As a first flight in this catagory, let's take off with this one. http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/adahom1.htm You can also get ahold of them by calling: 1-800-514-0301 Use all the help you can get, folks. It's there for the taking. Best wishes, Mike.

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