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Lakota ~ Love Of Wolves
Family Photo Album


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Family Photo Album
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This is where I'll put pics of wolves and people, once I figure out how.  Lakota will go first, of course.

Sunset 4
To Renind Us To Rest


Here I can include what you share with me in what brings you joy and peace, as well as how you help to extend this to our community of humanity our family in nature.

This Is WolfSpider....
Thin-legged wolf spider on potentila
I Love Spiders and WolfSpider Is So Appropriate

Grandmother Spider

In Native American tradition, Grandmother Spider is respected as Weaver Of The Universe.

A mother playing with children; Size=180 pixels wide

The Children

Let us teach them so they can learn to love Brother and Sister Wolf.  Love is always better than fear.

This is for my dear friend, Monarch....
Monarch on goldenrod
You will be hearing from her in H.E.ARTS.

Others Who Share My Life

Let's start  with my cat.  He is the best cat in the world and I tell him so frequently.  His name is Acidcat, for he's on some wierd trip.  We adopted each other at a local Animal Shelter about two years ago and my life has not been the same since. 
He's mostly white with streaks of brown, black and grey on his forehead, scalp, ears and right behind his head.  He has a dark spot of similar colors on his back just before his tail, with similar colors and grey circles on his tail.  Ohter than a few markings on one leg and the ones already mentioned, he is stark white.  He plays nose touch with my pet rats, too.  His meows are very expressive.  He also barks when excited.  His purrs can be high pitched like singing, or so deep you would think he was a barritone opera singer.
He's just the coolest cat in the world.

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