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Lakota ~ Love Of Wolves


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This is a place to celebrate our family of all speceis

At One:O'Five In The Morning
     by Michael Alphin (aka WolfHawk)
It's late and dark as sit by the computer, with a picture of Lakota looking me in the eyes...
I wonder, what thoughts was he thinking when that photo was taken....
He face was gentle, as was and is his spiriit, which now soars with the Angels...
I never met you face to face, only in letters and love...
But you met my heart fully, and I thank you and Great Spirit for this gift...
With love, your brother, WolfHawk.

I look forward to reading the poetry of others on this page.  We all can have something to share.  If you forward me your writings, I will post them and give you full credit, of course. 

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