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Lakota ~ Love Of Wolves
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My given name is Mike and I like it a lot.  But I also have adopted the name of WoffHawk.  Wolf is my Spirit Animal and Hawk is my Spirit Guide.  Here I will let you know more about what these mean as the website moves along. 

You see, although I am not Native American, I am very much influenced by my friends who are.  I have a passionate love of nature, much inspired by my years in Boy Scouting on the journey to earning my Eagle Rank.  It is also in nature that I spend time in communication with God as I understand Him.  God Speaks to me in these times, often saying the same thing over and over: Relax, breathe, be and know that I Am in Charge.  God is in Charge, and my part is to merely do the things He Puts in front of me.  This is one of them.

For My Poet Friend....
Green damsefly


What a joy!

Along with being an advocate for wolves, I also am an  advocate for the disabled, borne of own experience with having a traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the age of nine.  I do this through art in the visual, performance, written word and simply being there for people as they deal with the trials that come with conditions.  I am also a professional healer with Reiki, stones, oils, metals and herbs.  Mostly I use prayer.  I am Christian, but I respect other beliefs. 
Love, WolfHawk.


Here's a list of some of my favorite books:
Call Of The Wild, White Fang, In Praise Of Wolves, Animal Speak, Listen To The Drum, Indian Herbology Of North America

Here's a list of some of my favorite orginizations:
Lion's Club International, Boy Scouts Of America, Mason's, Wolf Education and Research Center, American Humane Society, United Way, Green Peace
(All but the Mason's and Green Peace  I have been involved with myself.  I have dear friends in the Mason's and deep respect for Green Peace.)

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