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Tell Us About The Fun You Had

I'll kick out the first jams in this one.  Two nights ago I went to a local poetry collective I attend.  It is called Sun Poets Society ~ Artist For Peace.  The openning act was a performance by a local band who play music with a strong sound of the Islands.   The only one to perfom in the gig was the the drummer.  We sang along with him in differeng languages from Africa.  He also sang in English (hey, he's from San Antonio, Texas), including Marvin Gaye's Classic "What's Goin' On".  He also sang an original work called "Save The Children",  inspired by what happened in Collumbine High School.
Last night I went to see my dear friend Sandy compete in a Distrct One competion,.  She did a monolouge from Niel Simon's "Chapter Two".  She took First Runner Up!!!  I drove her to and from th event which took place in an outdoor theatre on the San Antonio River Walk.  I am so pround of her!!!  On the way to the car, I held my umbrella I use for balance over her, like she was a star.  We had a blast.  The only down side came when I fell down some stone stairs and bopped my knee like crazy.  Oh well.  It was more than worth a little injury.
Best wishes, Mike.
A die hard Cubs fan and dear friend of mine who moved to The Big Apple, Charlie Stewart, sent in the following :
A wild night of debauchery and adventure with my friends Andrew and Mike during Austin's Mardi Gras.
He then ended it with what I assume to be a quote from Dave Carter which reads as follows:
"I'll send this message down the wire and hope that someone wise is listening when I go."

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