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Sunset 3
Peace & Rest

Hey, we all need help.  Feel free to ask for anyone.  Prayer goes a long way, and all faiths are welcome in the journey.

If you would, please, send out some prayers and wishes for my friend who is in the hospital.  She doesn't want too many folks to know where she is or why, so all the details will be left out.  The cool thing about God is He can fill in the blanks.  So just say some prayers for my friend, 'kay?
Love ya, Mike.
Hello again.  I am coming to you in asking your prayers for a dear friend of mine named Janis.  She's just going through a rough run of  things. 
For myself, I accidentally took a high powered pain killer, hydrochodone (it looks like one of my other pills).  The hydrocodone is in the vicoden family.  I don't need the pain killer at present, so it's getting me a bit loopy.  Please say a preyer for me to have this stuff  wear off as soon as possible.
Love ya, Mike.
Okay, here's another request.  I have a dear and cool friend on the net who is going through some uncomfortable health issues.  Her name is Karyn and I ask you hold her in your prayers. 
For the earlier prayer request, my friend who spent some days in the hospital is doing much better.  Please continue to hold her in your prayers as she is now home and recovering.
Love ya, Mike.

Let this be a place of sanctuary.