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H.ealing E.nergies & ARTS (HEARTS)
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It is my joy to announce the second issue of H.E.ARTS has finished it's printing and awaits being put out around town. I have included in this issue an example of what the advertising page will look like, using three business cards on a page for such. Everything takes steps and this is no exception to that rule. It's my job and joy, and the work awaits ahead. Wish me luck, please. Anyway, that will do stuff for now. Best wishes, Mike.

Like what you see in this section already, I will continue to have more to offer as time moves along.  I will try to keep the topics fresh and lively.  If you have suggestions, please send them in the Mailbag section.  I want the content to be timely as well as fun.

For Monarch
Monarch on goldenrod
This is for my dear friend and contributing editor, Monarch

Simply put, this pic is for my dear friend and contributing editor, Monarch.  She is really cool beans, folks.

If you know of an article you would like to submit by someone else or  would like to contribute an article of your own, please feel encouraged to do so.

The writer of the article will receive a byline.

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