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Episode # 3  Fighting The Esteem Thief

The day was clear, a sky straight out Milton's Horizon's, even a rainbow thrown in for good measure.  Stores were busy, people going about the day to day activities fo enjoying life.  It was a Saturday in July, so kids were out playing games and lauging.  But something was off kilter, not quite right.  With all these thngs taking place, there were still soft mumblings people said to themselves, sounds of despair in what looked like a place of paradise.  That's when a lone cloud, grey with no silver lining rolled roughly across the otherwise blue sky.  It was a small cloud, but it rumbled like a complaint from on high.  Head Person perked up an ear and heard the warning echo out, it was Self Esteem Thief at work.
You see, in Splotchum, people usually are able to balance the tough times they face with an inner knowing which helps.  Although they sometimes see other people who don't have TBI's, the tourist, they briefly make the sad mistake of comparing themselves to others who have not had to overcome the things they have.  But the inner knowing takes over, reminding them how much work and success they've shown in dealing with life on life's terms.  Self Esteem Thief blocks those memories.
Head Person went to the center of town and began to call out the things we as survivors have overcome and succeeded in.  We have had to learn to walk again.  We have made it through days that would take out a normal person.  We have survived the actual injury.  We have found new ways to learn that allow us to compensate for our head injuries.  We are respected by our peers and by the folks in our lives who see the hard work we do each day in growing and becoming stronger.  We help each other along the road of life. 
Head Person went on for half an hour, reminding all the good (and some not so good) folks of Splotchum of the accomplishments we have made.  He then ended it with the reminder of how much love we can and do share between each other.  Self Estem Thief was gone by then.  All the citizens in town smiled and felt the inner knowing of self worth.  Head Person smiled inside, knowing a good job had been done and the citizens were again safe.

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