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The Super Advocate, Head Person


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About Head Person

The Myster Unfolds

Not much is known about Head Person.  Much secrecy surrounds our Super Advocate, providing a protective shield against those who wish to undo the good works wrought by our mysterious helper.  What we do know is that the original birth place for Head Person was somewhere on the other side of the Adromeda Galaxy.  In transit to The Milky Way Galaxy, a sharp ping on the right temporal lobe sent Head Person into a coma.  Light years of therapy followed, and now, upon earth, we have a Super Advocate who is uniquely qualified to serve those of us with TBI's.

Now, when we need protection from attacks by our Arch Enemy, the League of Frustration, we know we have  someone on whom we can depend to be there for us.

Riding off...
Knight Pointing Left
Into Battle

One Of Many Disguises

Love, Head Person

It's Great To Help


Here's a list of some of Head Person's favorite books:
Physician's Desk Referrence; Holistic Healing; Pratical Homeopathy; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Here's a list of some of Head Person's favorite music genre's:
Classical Guitar; Acid Rock; Jazz; Western; '70's Ballads