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Poetic Darkness


Who The Hell Am I?
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Who The Hell Am I?

This is where you find out!!!

So, ya litttle monster, you're curious, huh?  Remember what that did for the cat?

Sorry to let you down, but I'm not nearly as sick and demented as I come across.  I'm just a poet and an artist who sometimes goes for the places a bit off the deep end.  My real name is Mike, but you can call me Vampyral.  I hope you enjoy the ride down with me....
I got into poetry initially as a way to deal with the things that go along with having a traumatic brain injury when I was nine.  It helped me to express myself and deal with the depression that accompanied the injury.  Not all of my poetry is twisted, much of it being far from that.  This is just a little place for the bent side of things.  I hope  you enjoy it.  It's meant to be fun.

Enjoy it!!!

What a Life!!!

What I do, mostly, is healing and artwork.  I do the healing with various modalities, including tht Spiritual.  In this case I don't go off the deep end or dark side, but do my work in The Light.  I am a Christian and I use prayer to a great degree.  For the artwork, I draw pictures, posters and do the written thing.  Also in the healing realm, I use Reiki, an ancient method of transfering healing energy.  It's about five thousand years old and from the Far East.


Amongst my favorite bands you will find....

The Grateful Dead; Alice Copper: Frank Zappa; Five For Fighting; The Who


My fave books are the following.
Alcoholics Anonymous, The Bible, Carrie, Bless The Beast And The Children, Animal Speak, Salem's Lot