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This Site Is Dedicated To Lakota....
Welcome Nature
Meaning Peaceful Person and Friend

This site is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Lakota, one of the wolves of the Sawtooth pack on the Nez Perce land.  The Wolf Education and Research Center is located there, and they provide for not only care of the wolves in their natural habitat, but also educate people so that they may come to respect Brother and Sister Wolf. 
Thier web-site address is listed in the links section of  this web-site.

Lakota entered into his journey on earth on May 2, 1991 and left for home on May 9, 2002.   He was the eldest member of his pack, Sawtooth.  He was laid to rest with two of his pack mates on September 21, 2002.

I became aware of his passing September 17, 2002.  Two days before that, while driving down a country road on which I live, I saw  three Black Vultures standing beside the road.  My car got within about fiftteen feet of  them when one took off in majestic flight.  Black Vulture represents life, death and re-birth.  Along with these, Black Vulture also represents the knowledge of  a lost loved one.   I like to believe this was a gift to me, symbolizing Lakota having left the first two forms and journeyed into Rebirth.
Days later I went to a park to meditate and found Black Vulture circling overhead for just a little while. I am still moved

What's New?

When I become able, I will use this section to place photos of  wolves on the site.

Stream In Yellowstone....
Stream, Gardiner River, Yellowstone NP
Is Incomplete Without Brother Wolf

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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