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This section is for placing your voyages into the artistic realm.  Poetry, prose, short stories and the like would fit in real well here.  Just keep it clean, 'kay? 
(P.S.:  If you print someone else's work, give them credit.  Also, I offer no promise of protection against theft of works, so if you do not have a copyright, you might want to consider not placing a work in here.)


Hey, cool humans!!!  My name is Woodstock and I live in an aquiarium Mike got for me and my buddy, Montreaux.  He's also a rat.  But this is about me, so I get the floor this time.  I am a Black Hooded rat.  I am sweet and gentle and very loving.  I got Mike about two years ago when I picked him out at the pet store.  He went walking by my cage and I told the clerk he was the human I wanted.  We are good friends and love each other very much.


Open Space

I don't know what'll go here.  But part of the fun is waiting to see.


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